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Sports Premium

We receive £8242 in PE and sport money each year from the government to improve outcome for pupils in PE. The government have extended and safeguarded this money until 2019. Money can be carried forward and this year we have spent the money on the following:

£950 Creative Dance Christmas Production
£2024.54 on equipment (playground equipment and replacing damaged or old resources)
£625 Whole School Sports Day
£1750 Dance Lunch time clubs
£900 Lunchtime multi sports clubs

Total spend £6249.54


Action Plan

Next year we are looking at the possibility of more rebound sessions and having more coaches to deliver high quality lunch clubs and the possibility of supporting teachers in lesson times. We are also exploring a playground to podium event which will signpost our children to governing body clubs

The effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment and how we make sure these improvements are sustainable.


Creative Dance and Christmas Production.

Pupils from KS2, KS3 and KS4 participated in various dance workshops. It enabled pupils to work with friends from different classes and also establish new friendships. Each dance group performed at the Christmas concert enabling them to develop confidence and to show off their fantastic talents. The workshops gave pupils who wouldn’t necessarily dance a taste of what our dance lunch time clubs were like. This in turn encouraged more pupils to participate in the lunch time clubs. It also developed pupils’ coordination and agility. This will be sustained through the participation of lunchtime clubs.


Playground Equipment and replacing old equipment.

A wide range of new playground equipment has been ordered for both upper and lower school. A timetable has been made to ensure that all the equipment is used daily. Pupils now have access to a wide variety of sensory and PE equipment at playtime and lunch time. This has had a positive effect on pupils’ hand eye coordination, fitness and behaviour. This will all be sustained through continuous use throughout the year. Some pupils are now responsible for taking out and collecting the equipment. This has helped to develop and promote their life skills and independence.


Multi sports clubs.

We have employed a sports coach from the Xcite sports company. He delivers two lunch time clubs a week and several of our after school club sessions. He also teaches two PE lessons a week while the class teacher stays to develop their knowledge and understanding of teaching PE. This has ensured that pupils are receiving a wide variety of sporting lunch time clubs to enable them to develop different skills. It also helped teachers with their professional development and ensured that the quality of teaching that pupils are receiving is of a high standard. This will sustained through the continuous of employment of a sports coach.

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