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Year 7 Catch Up - Spend and Impact

This year (2015/2016) we have received £1500 for our young people in year 7 who need to catch up in Maths and English as they are below level 4. We have 3 pupils in Year 7 and the breakdown of the money below shows how we have spent this money and the impact it has had.


Bespoke Spend Total Cost Supporting
Total Cost 1 to 1 support Total Cost Impact Total Cost
Ipad and communication software – to support speech and language x 2 £900 Intervention activities supported by the intervention and outreach team


£500 1 to 1 support in class to work on reducing barriers to learning so pupils could access Maths
and English (on going)
£500 Pupils are using Ipads and ‘proloqou to go’ software to access all areas of the curriculum. They also uses this to support speech at home.


            Speaking levels in 1 year £1500 used from Y7
            Start of year – P6.69. Spring 2016 – P7.55


            1-1 staffing to reduce barriers to learning and access the curriculum  
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