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Entitlement and Enrichment

Enrichment and Entitlement at Coppice School

In line with the Enrichment and Entitlement offer, pupils are provided with two new experiences
each term. These are planned in to curricular learning by class teachers. Due to the current
pandemic, these experiences are now taking place virtually through online specialist workshops or
virtual tours rather than in person.

Pupils throughout school are given homework to support the learning that they are doing in school,
where this is appropriate, to help embed these key skills. Project and thematic based homework is
changed termly or half termly based on individual class needs.

Coppice school runs a number of lunchtime offers run by school staff within group bubbles aimed at
helping pupils develop new interests and build new and existing skills.

No limit clubs continue to run on a Friday afternoon within group bubbles, providing pupils with the
opportunity to acquire new hobby based skills, develop social and communication skills and learn
about new and exciting topics.

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