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Welcome to Hazel Class

Our staff team:


Our shared school vision

To support all children and young people to hold their rightful place in society, equipped with the knowledge to shape their own futures, skills to lead an enriched and healthy life and voices to make a positive contribution in the world. 

In Hazel Class, we strive towards our shared vision by:

  • Using play and interest-based tasks to create different opportunities for the children to explore and learn.
  • We work on identified targets which focus on encouraging independence and working towards longer-term targets.
  • We encourage all our children to make positive choices, using the means that they find most appropriate.
  • We encourage our children to be independent by modelling activities, giving processing time and providing an environment in which they feel confident that they can explore and try different activities at their own levels.
  • We promote our children to use their voices and communicate their choices, wants, wishes and desires in a positive way through whatever means they find appropriate eg. using gestures, signs, symbols, objects of references and spoken words.
  • We support our children to learn appropriate life and personal hygiene skills through specific focused lessons and everyday routines.
  • We provide an environment that our children feel safe in, where they can express themselves and grow to be the best they can possibly be. 

Our Curriculum

We believe in a broad and balanced ‘no limits’ curriculum that develops and nurtures life-long learning, builds interests, is meaningful and imaginative and promotes togetherness in the school and wider community. It is happy-centred; driven by confidence, positive relationships, support, coping skills and achievement and success.




In the Autumn term, we will strive towards developing the following skills:

  • Sharing opinions in a positive way.
  • Communicating wants, wishes, desires and needs to others.
  • Learning to be more independent in our personal care skills.
  • Being alongside and with other people, sharing equipment, taking turns and working as part of a pair or small group to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Choosing equipment needed to complete a task and working independently, knowing who to ask for help. 

Things to remember:

Tuesday:  PE

Wednesday:  Community visits

Thursday:  Swimming

If you have anything you want to know or want to chat about your child, please just get in touch.


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