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Welcome to J3 Class

Our staff team:

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Our shared school vision

To support all children and young people to hold their rightful place in society, equipped with the knowledge to shape their own futures, skills to lead an enriched and healthy life and voices to make a positive contribution in the world.

In J3 Class, we strive towards our shared vision by:

  • Working together, finding ways that we can help ourselves so we can be independent and prepare for adulthood. 
  • We will make decisions as a class and use a voting system to make whole class decisions. 
  • We understand the benefits of being fit and healthy and will be as active as possible, including doing the daily mile every day.

Our Curriculum

We believe in a broad and balanced 'no limits' curriculum that develops and nurtures life-long learning, builds interests, is meaningful and imaginative and promotes togetherness in the school and wider community.  It is happy-centred, driven by confidence, positive relationships, support, coping skills and achievement and success.


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In the Autumn term, we will strive towards developing the following skills: 

DT:  We will be researching, designing and making some pallet furniture for our sensory garden.  We will also be collecting, cutting, washing and sealing crisp packets to make sleeping bags, as part of a project to help the homeless, with the Crisp Packet Project team.

Independent Learners:  Use and manipulate media to express ourselves and our ideas.  Use media to represent a person, object or event and communicate ideas with a familiar adult.

Career Seekers:  Develop and work from plans to create purposeful products.


Independent Learners:  The knowledge to recycle in our own home, make crafts as a hobby, upcycle objects, to use tools purposefully, ask questions.

Career Seekers:  The skills to become clothing designers, builders, cleaners, engineers, eco warriors, retail workers.

PE:  Invasion games, developing ball skills.

Independent Learners:  Development of physical throwing, running, catching and batting.  Develop ability to follow rules and play as part of a team.

Independent Learners:  The skills to develop better coordination and body awareness.

Career Seekers:  Attain good body strength, core and posture to lead a healthy and active life.

Career Seekers:  Develop the ability to accept responsibility, increase problem-solving skills, learn sportsmanship and improve mental strength.

RHE:  Focus on our mental wellbeing and how we can positively develop skills to improve our mental wellbeing.

Independent Learners:  To recognise emotions and develop an understanding of coping strategies.  Children can self-regulate so they are able to begin to manage their own mental health.

Career Seekers:  To manage and promote own mental health, recognise a decline in our own mental health and where/how to seek support. 

Things to remember:

We have PE on Thursday so please send in a PE kit for your child.  We may do PE outside, so they will need appropriate clothing.

Could you please send in some wellington boots for your child to use in Forest School and the farm.



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