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Welcome to Oak Class


Our staff team:

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Our shared school vision

To support all children and young people to hold their rightful place in society, equipped with the knowledge to shape their own futures, skills to lead an enriched and healthy life and voices to make a positive contribution in the world.

In Oak Class, we strive towards our shared vision by:

  • Exploring, sorting and describing objects and materials that can be recycled.
  • Practicing using different decorating methods and ways to join them when working with recyclable materials.
  • Presenting games made from recycled materials to the peers from the same bubble during timed slots.
  • Practicing different ways to relax and experience calming strategies.


Our Curriculum

We believe in a broad and balanced ‘no limits’ curriculum that develops and nurtures life-long learning, builds interests, is meaningful and imaginative and promotes togetherness in the school and wider community. It is happy-centred; driven by confidence, positive relationships, support, coping skills and achievement and success.

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In the Autumn term, we will strive towards developing the following skills:

Cognitive Development

Through working out how to solve problems when making objects and games from recycling materials.

Social and Emotional Development

Improving pupils' ability to interact with each other, including helping themselves and self-control.

Speech and Language Development

Providing communication tools such as PECS, signs and pre-phonics activities  to support them in improving their speech and a preferred way of communication.

Fine Motor Skill Development

Supporting pupils in developing and improving their ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers, to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book, or use a crayon to draw.

Gross Motor Skill Development

Implementing tasks that require them to use large muscles in Shabang, JABADAO, PE lessons and teaching, using Physical Active Learning.


Things to remember:

Tuesday:  Our swimming sessions will probably start after the half term and will be on Tuesdays

Thursday:  PE lessons - please send the kits

Thursday:  Please could you send in wellies for our Forest School lessons today


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