Maths Curriculum

Intent – Why?

Within maths, we aim to provide our young people with the knowledge and skills to support their lives and independence.
We hope to embed an understanding of number through an engaging and sequential curriculum. As a school we will deliver a range of formal, practical and cross-curricular lessons to meet the individual needs of the child.

Implementation – How?

All students have a minimum of 3 Maths sessions a week where they will focus on the maths strands: Number; Shape, Space and Measure; Length, Height and Size; Weight and Volume; Time; Handling Data. Students will have a class focus on each strand in the maths curriculum it will also be cross curricular and skills will be developed through other curriculum areas. All students have the right to access the curriculum and lessons will be tailored to meet their individual needs. We believe in a great emphasis on number as it is the key pillar of Maths understanding.

As they move through the provision bands, pupils at Coppice will build on their knowledge and skills and deepen their understanding of the themselves and others around them.
We have a bespoke maths curriculum, which is differentiated and meaningful, which aims to support and challenge our students at a level which is right for them throughout their time at Coppice school. When students leave our school we want them to have skills and knowledge to help them be the best that they can be and as independent as possible.

Impact – What?

Students work within the progression band that best meets their needs. We realise that pupils will progress through these bands at different rates and may indeed remain within them for some time. A student may not be in the same progression band for each strand of maths. The progressions maps give a guide for each learner to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum’s emphasis on number will create a deeper understanding; providing a platform to reason and problem solve in all areas.
Each child will have a Maths target on our SMARTRUBRIC system which has been created based on the needs of the child, these targets will be broken into small manageable steps which will be tracked by the class teacher.