Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Here at Coppice as our pupils begin their journey through our school in EYFS they are supported to gain the pre-requist skills for learning. We provide the children with a safe and enriching environment, where they can learn through play, develop at their pace, gain the confidence to explore, so that they have the tools to learn, build relationships and begin to understand the world around them. Supporting pupils with the tools, reason and opportunity to opportunity to communicate is what underpins their time in EYFS.

Pupils are encouraged to engage in learning through the whole school themes which are planned to support the seven areas of learning and development as outlined in ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’.

Three areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving. These are the prime areas:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social and emotional development

The specific areas are:

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

‘All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.’ Statutory Framework 2021.

The developmental milestones pupils make are marked against the SEND section on Tapestry, which is directly linked to Development Matters 2012, in order for smaller steps in progress to be measured and next steps identified. However, we also strive to identify and support methods of play and exploration through the use and observation of play schemas. At Coppice we have a holistic view and understanding of our pupils and plan bespoke pathways and learning opportunities in order to provide them with the best start on their journey of learning.

In addition we aim to enliven reading through the use of sensory stories and an adapted version of talk4writing to build up an internal vocabulary, encouraging pupils to recognise and anticipate keys words and sensory input.

Information is shared with parents and carers through the use of Tapestry, where we share ‘Wow’ moments and parents are encourage to, in turn share photo’s and insights of their child’s learning, developments and achievements at home, Class Dojo is used to send and inform the events of the day.