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Self Isolation

35 ideas to try with your children during self-isolation


1. Build a Den/ Fort and camp out in the living room or garden
2. Exercise – There are lots of fun classes on YouTube from Yoga to Dance
3. Prepare and cook meals together (peeling and chopping fruit and veg with supervision is a great skill to learn)
4. Bake
5. Make art (faces and objects) using natural objects like sticks and leaves in the garden
6. Carve a pumpkin, then make pumpkin soup!
7. Learn a new skill – this could be an EHCP target, or something such as washing the pots everyday, putting the laundry in, unloading the dishwasher etc.
8. Have a small campfire (closely supervised) in the garden, toast marshmallows and sing songs
9. Karaoke night!
10. Read and look at books together
11. Make mocktails using a variety of different drinks – pouring and measuring out the liquids
12. Star gaze in the garden with hot chocolate, blankets and snacks
13. Family movie night with popcorn
14. Pizza night – Make pizzas together from scratch
15. Clear out toys together and give away what is no longer used
16. Make a 3D model using clean old food containers – find a building that you like together on the internet and use the picture of it for inspiration
17. Use old containers to create models of their favourite characters, people or animals
18. Play board games together
19. Play in the garden – Play ball games, go on a bug hunt, make an obstacle course – being outside and active is good for everyone’s health and wellbeing
20. Create a treasure hunt around the house or the garden
21. Make and decorate paper aeroplanes and see whose aeroplanes fly the furthest!
22. Have an indoor disco!
23. Follow online art lessons on YouTube
24. Make ‘magic’ potions together using a range of different ingredients from the kitchen (lentils, flour, oil etc.)
25. Prepare a picnic together, lay out blankets and eat it in the garden
26. Have a pamper day – hair masks, face masks, foot lotion, paint nails etc! Put on some spa music and chill together
27. Make jewellery by threading pasta onto wool, string, pipe cleaners…
28. Make milkshakes or fruit smoothies together
29. Make music together using pots and pans, wooden spoons. Follow beats and copy sounds
30. Make a paper chain to decorate the house
31. Do some gardening together – plant seeds, weed etc
32. Start making Christmas cards together ready for December (caution, this may be far too early for some children!)
33. Visit the world online using Google Earth and explore different places and countries.
34. Wash the car together, or toys outside with buckets of water and sponges
35. Rest and be kind to yourself! These are testing, stressful times, do what keeps you all safe and happy.



Have lots of fun together, make some memories, stay safe and we will see you all very soon


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