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How we Structure our Learning

What we learn…

Coppice aims to deliver, a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum. We deliver all subjects in varying ways ensuring that whilst our curriculum is balanced it also allows for pupils to deepen their learning. We have a robust ‘Therapies to Support Learning’ offer which allows our young people to access the curriculum alongside their peers should they need additional scaffolding. 

We rarely teach subjects in isolation as we feel this is abstract for our young people. We link subjects together so children can repeat, apply and understand deeply the concepts we are trying to teach.

For example, we might be exploring the Olympic Games as part of our learning. Below are all the concepts we might need to learn.



We enrich our whole curriculum by providing school trips, locally, nationally and even internationally! Our ever developing out of hours offer means holiday programmes are available and we have many celebrations and whole school event such as ‘Coppice Got Talent’, Summer Fayres and Book Clubs to name but a few.

This is a simplified version of what we do so head over to our curriculum pages for more information.

How we learn….

At Coppice everything we do is personalised and child centred and this includes how we organise our school.  We recognise that all young people regardless of age can be at different places in their journeys, so we don’t always group simply based on how old a child is. Whilst grouping young people may seem like a simple task, we can assure you it is a very detailed and thorough process. We try and look at a number of variables, this might include friendship groups, independence, resilience, aptitude and social skills. We always do our best to group young people in Key Stages but what we pride ourselves on is getting it right. We will always discuss with parents and carers our rationale for how we organise classes should anyone wish. 

Coppice is split in to 3 main areas. We have our Primary Area. Our Preparing for Adulthood Area and Our Post 16 Provision.

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At Coppice we know how important it is to have an eye on the future and how we prepare ourselves for life after formal education.

In our Primary years a lot of emphasis is placed upon learning new things and developing important foundational skills on which all other learning is dependent on.

When we move into our Preparing for Adulthood phase we focus on embedding, using and developing our skills so we have much more confidence in our abilities as we become young adults. We start to think in more detail about our plans and try to explore in more depth what we might like to do as we grow older. In this phase young people will start to look at the world of work, gaining the necessary accreditation and qualifications so they are ready for the life beyond our doors.

When it is time to move into our Pathways to Adulthood years our students should have a clearer idea of the journey they want to continue on. We have a dedicated team of people who work hard to explore every opportunity available for each student. We explore the world of work in much more detail, and we look at further education beyond our school. Our aim is to ensure that our school leavers (Coppice Alumni) can come back in years to come and be proud of how our school prepared them for their adult lives. Please see our Pathways to Adulthood pages for more details.

Who helps us to Learn?

An ancient proverb states that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”. This is still true today at Coppice all these years on. We cannot provide everything for every child on our own. This is why we actively seek to develop partnership with families, professionals and other organisations. Below are just some of the people we work with.


For more information on groups and organisations who help please visit Doncaster’s Local Offer webpage here;

Local Offer - Specialist Education Support Services - Doncaster Council


Please see our curriculum pages and our family support pages for more information 


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