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Parent and Carers Feedback

Questionnaire for parents and carers

Thank you for all your feedback from the recent questionnaire (March 2017) we sent out. The questionnaire is taken from the Parent View Website and helps us as a school to improve our practice and celebrate our achievements.

Below is a table of responses and your anonymised comments below. Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and feedback.

Karl O’Reilly

Head Teacher

Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
1 My child feels safe at this school. 52 9 0 0
2 My child is making good progress at this school. 50 11 0 0
3 This school meets my child’s particular needs. 50 10 1 0
4 This school ensures my child is well looked after. 52 9 0 0
5 My child is taught well at this school. 51 9 0 0
6 This school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. 52 9 0 0
7 There is a good standard of behaviour at this school. 50 12 0 0
8 My child’s lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour. 40 15 1 0
9 This school deals with any cases of bullying effectively. (Bullying includes persistent name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying). 41 16 0 0
10 This school helps me to support my child’s learning. 51 10 0 0
11 This school responds well to my concerns. 50 11 0 0
12 This school keeps me well informed. 48 13 0 0
13 Would you recommend this school to another parent? Yes 61 No 0
14 If you want to explain any of your answers, or if there is anything else you want the inspection team to know, please tell us here. If you have concerns about child protection, we would advise you to contact your local authority designated officer in children’s services. If you mention a child protection issue here, please include your name. Question 8: 5 parents did not knowQuestion 9: 4 parents did not know

Comments I have left questions 8 & 9 simply because I don’t see the children in class and my son is not at the stage where he comes home from school and talks about school.Unable to answer 8 & 9 as no experience of it but assume I agree.Unable to answer question 8 as not there to observe.

Sometimes we do not receive letters others have this is very rare and on a whole we feel well informed.

This school has been great for my son and his behaviour has improved lots Thanks.

Only problem I have is that School concerts are at the end of the day when you have other children in schools on the other side of town it means we are unable to attend.

My son’s teacher goes beyond her role to support my son. She is so dedicated enthusiastic and helps me to focus on his strengths! Cannot thank her and the team enough.

My son looks forward to school everyday and all staff from the bus drivers teaching staff to the Head you are all a credit to the teaching profession Thank you.

My daughter loves school. She is making progress despite all her problems and enjoys her time in school. I am kept well informed of her progress and feel happy she is being well looked after and encouraged to do the very best she can Thank you!

We thank all the staff at Coppice for all their effort, dedication and support. We will never be able to express our thanks enough! And this is also true for transport Thanks.

This school is amazing one of the best things ever to happen to us as a family. I can’t thank you all enough.

My son is so much happier since being at Coppice. He gets excited seeing the school bus as he knows he’s coming to school. I have no worries when he comes to school as I know he is well looked after.

Very pleased overall with the school. My son has progressed lots since starting at Coppice School.

My son is very happy and supported well in all the 9 years at Coppice. We have always received great support, care and advice from you all. Can never thank you all enough! Keep up the great work from all the MXXXXXXXXXX.

The progress that My daughter has made academically is not due to the fantastic class teachers, it is due to her ability to learn.

My child’s outbursts may disrupt lessons on occasions.

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