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Historical Data

Allocation: £34,625
Spent: £14,299 iPads and computers purchased.
Impact: Improvement in Teaching & Learning over time. Pupils enjoy learning in a visual and innovative way. Communication seen to improve using iPads and Big Mac buttons

Allocation: £48,920 + £20,236 from 13/14 = £69,156
Spent: £9,415 School Nurse
£5,227 Pupil & Parent Support Worker
£52,059 Sensory Room LS
Impact: As the medical needs of our pupils decreased the impact of the School Nurse decreased accordingly. Analysis showed that parents and staff felt the focus of need has shifted more towards a Pupil & Parent Support Worker. It is still early days but parents are already telling us how much they value the service.
The new Sensory Room has just become operational but children already experience the ‘wow’ factor in our immersive environments.

P.E. and Sport Grant

Allocation: £8,159
Spent: £7,880 All-weather outdoor sports area
Impact: The all weather area has provided the school with an extra work area within P.E. lessons. This has enabled the teacher to differentiate the groups according to ability. Therefore improving teaching and learning.

Allocation: £8,225 + £279 from 13/14 = £8,504
Spent: £12,589 (includes £4,085 from school budget) Soft play surface playground LS
Impact: The outdoor soft play has provided the school with an outdoor classroom. The pupils can use the number and shapes to develop numeracy skills. They can also grow plants, fruit and veg in the outdoor garden. Enjoy music with the outdoor instruments and practice art with the outdoor easel.

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