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Coppice School joined a worldwide programme called Eco-Schools. The main aim of becoming Eco School is giving pupils the power to change the environment around them in a way they feel is needed or necessary.  Eco-Schools develops pupils’ skills, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and can potentially create financial savings for schools.  We began an exciting journey towards achieving the Bronze Flag with an aim to receive Green Flag.

There are 10 topics:

1. Biodiversity
2. Energy
3. Global Citizenship
4. Healthy Living
5. Litter
6. Marine
7. School Grounds
8. Transport
9. Waste
10. Water

Our Eco Committee consists of pupils who are in the Student Council.  The next step is to conduct an environmental walk and record the findings on the environmental review.  Due to the current restrictions, pupils from the Student Council had to think outside the box as they weren’t able to walk across the school.  Pupils and class teams in each bubble are producing videos, showing the classroom and the area each class uses.  Then the council members will watch them together with the class peers and complete a questionnaire.  The answers will be analysed and then pupils will be forming an Action Plan, concentrating on three Topics that we as a school will be working on.  How exciting!  We have already been working hard on improving our environment around the school.  The Outdoor Learning Area continues to improve.  Each class accesses at least one Forest School session a week.  Additionally, pupils took part in designing a sensory garden based in the Lower School.  This term all pupils are working on the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” theme and are using the rubbish to create new products such as toys, games etc.  We are trying our best to change the way we think about rubbish at Coppice.  Pupils from the Key Stage 5 found a way of giving scrap paper another life!  They are making paper bricks that can burn for an hour in your fireplace and produced mini notebooks.  It is not too late to buy them!  Each bubble is involved in collecting scrap paper to help with their projects.  The school also has outdoor three recycling bins; one outside the Upper School and two outside the Lower School.

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