Medium Term Planning

Medium Term Planning

Medium term plans build on and plan for the Theme in each class, ensuring the collective information from the Theme Booklet (including termly end points) colour progression maps and No LIMITs vision are pulled together to plan for a thematic approach in each class.  The theme is then delivered in a way which is meaningful to the pupils of that class, making learning bespoke for all.  

Medium Term Planning is the bridge between Long Term planning to short term delivery of lessons.  The Termly Theme Booklet provides the Termly end points (which support knowledge and Skills towards our Statutory Pathway End points for each pathway).  These are produced by SLT to provide breadth and depth linked to colour provision bands in the progression maps and the accumulation of knowledge towards the Pathway End Points.

Medium term plans break down (where necessary) the termly end points into smaller steps to ensure skills and knowledge are taught in a way to allow for pupils to begin to embed knowledge or acquire their next steps in learning and begin to transfer this knowledge into long term memory through repetition and over learning.  This is in conjunction with our Learning Cycle is supported by Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction.

Medium Term Planning Example Semi-Formal Pathway

Medium Term Planning Example Formal Pathway