Equality & Diversity

Equality at Coppice

At Coppice School we teach our pupils to live alongside and show respect for a diverse range of individuals and groups.  By promoting and teaching about the wealth of diversity there is in ours and others societies we aim to eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and advance the equality of opportunity for all.

Here at Coppice we aim to challenge all stereotypes throughout our curriculum.  In our PSED and RHE sessions we support our pupils to learn and understand about the differences in family groupings, relationships and gender identity.  Our libraries have a range of books from a diverse range of authors and cover a variety of themes, books are chosen with care to deliver our themes as are those included on our Coppice Core Book lists to support our delivery of Happy Centered Schools.  Our resources are chosen to reflect a true image of the diversity of our society ensuring from the earliest opportunity our pupils are familiar with a range of ethnicities, identities and relationships.  We recognise and celebrate diversity in all its forms and encourage our pupils to have acceptance for all.

Our community voice ensure our shared vision for equality is challenged and promoted through our academy council, Friends of Coppice School and Pupil Parliament.

Accessibility to information for parents, carers and pupils who have English as an additional language is achieved and promoted through class Dojo duel language feature and the translation button on our website home page.

At Coppice we believe everyone is capable of great things regardless of gender, ethnicity or background.


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