Timings & Transport

Timings of the school day

  • Pupils collected via transport from home.

  • 8:45am - Pupils are collected from the buses.

  • 11:50-12:50pm – Lunch

  • 3pm – Pupils are supported back on to the buses.

Total school hours: 31.25 Hours per week


Coppice School, through Doncaster Council has 14 Mini buses which are maintained and assigned by the Council.

On admission to Coppice the SEND officer managing your case will provide the parent with a Travel Assistance Application Form, if travel assistance is required.

Once returned this will go to Triage Panel and the application will be reviewed, the panel will look at all aspects of the application and they will, if eligible, award the most appropriate version of travel assistance, this can be from a bus pass to mileage, to personal budget to, the highest award, of a seat in a mini bus or taxi.

Doncaster Council Transport    -   01302 736080, 01302 736081, 01302 737231, 01302 737127 or 01302 736359.