Timings & Transport

Timings of the school day

  • Pupils collected via transport from home.

  • 8:45am - Pupils are collected from the buses.

  • 11:50-12:50pm – Lunch

  • 3pm – Pupils are supported back on to the buses.

Total school hours: 31.25 Hours per week


Coppice School, through Doncaster Council has 14 Mini buses which are maintained and assigned by the Council.

On admission to Coppice School your assigned SEND officer will provide you with a Transport Application pack.

Once returned this will then go to the Transport Review Panel and be risk assessed.

Once approved the information then comes back to school for allocation to the Bus routes and information regarding pick up and drop off times will then be sent out.

  • Please note not every pupil is eligible for school transport.

  • If your child becomes ill during the school day please be prepared to collect them from school.

  • Occasionally buses may not be running and whilst alternative transport may be arranged this may not always be possible.

Doncaster Council Transport    -  01302 737117  or  01302 737325