Welcome to Hazel Class

Our staff team:

Who we are from left to right Rani, Clare and Anya

In Hazel Class we love to….
  • Bake

  • Take part in sports activities

  • Visit places with our local community

  • Express ourselves through dance and music

Our topics this year are;

Autumn Term 1 – Animal Antics

Spring Term 1 – Helpers and Heroes

Summer Term 1 – Rockets and Robots

In our class we love to read (or share stories about) – both fiction and nonfiction text. We especially enjoyed joining Sunny the Meerkat on his travels as he visited many of his friends but in the end, he decided there is no place like home! We are currently reading Dinosaur Bones and learning lots of facts about how dinosaurs moved and what they ate. At the end of a busy day, we love listening to a story that we have had the opportunity to vote for.

Hazel class is unique and special because the children have wonderful personalities and a great sense of humour! The children have an abundance of different skills and talents, which they are showing casing through our Enterprise project. Hazel class are a kind and caring bunch, that look after each other and their classroom environment.

In Hazel Class, we strive towards our shared vision by:
  • Using play and interest-based tasks to create different opportunities for the children to explore and learn.

  • We work on identified targets which focus on encouraging independence and working towards longer-term targets.

  • We encourage all our children to make positive choices, using the means that they find most appropriate.

  • We encourage our children to be independent by modelling activities, giving processing time and providing an environment in which they feel confident that they can explore and try different activities at their own levels.

  • We promote our children to use their voices and communicate their choices, wants, wishes and desires in a positive way through whatever means they find appropriate eg. using gestures, signs, symbols, objects of references and spoken words.

  • We support our children to learn appropriate life and personal hygiene skills through specific focused lessons and everyday routines.

  • We provide an environment that our children feel safe in, where they can express themselves and grow to be the best they can possibly be.