Pupil Voice & Pupil Parliament

Pupil Voice

At Coppice School we believe that harnessing our pupils' voices allows us to look through windows into their worlds. As our pupils’ express their voices in a multitude of different ways our staff team undertake various communication training throughout the year including Makaton, PECs and intensive interaction. Our Happy Centred School curriculum allowed pupils to build their self-esteem and resilience so they can become as confident as possible in using their voices.

Our No Limits curriculum is based around pupil interests and aspirations. Their expressions of happiness and curiosity are the foundations blocks which help our teachers plan and delivery bespoke learning activities and develop engaging learning environments.

As part of our curriculum pupils learn about the UK parliament and the power of using their voice to make and ask for change, skills which will help them play a meaningful role in society when they reach adulthood. Each year we relaunch our pupil parliament during parliament week and each class is able to nominate a representative to become a school MP. The Coppice School Parliament works with each school across the Nexus Multi Academy Trust to suggest new enrichment activities and to voice their views on their school. During Parliament Week we worked with our pupils to create the ‘Coppice School Bucket List’. This list is packed full of activities our whole school community believe pupils are entitled to experience before leaving Coppice School; from eating an ice-cream at the seaside to an overnight camp out. Each area in school has its own list and throughout their time at Coppice pupils will begin ticking off experiences on their bucket list so their school journey is packed full of fun filled memories.

The shared belief in the importance of pupil voice at Coppice School ensures that by listening to each pupil we, as a whole school community, are listening to the view, wishes and experiences of all our children and young people.

Pupil Parliament 

We are very excited about the work our newly formed Pupil Parliament are undertaking this year.

All our members are democratically voted for by their peers and they discuss the big issues our school wants to discuss.

After a short sabbatical due to Covid, our members are once again very active. This year they have spent time looking at our assemblies and how they would like them to run. They have also been pivotal in looking at our new playground design and what we would like for our outdoor provision.

New to the agenda this year is the standing item on Safeguarding. As a school community we start every meeting with safeguarding as our most important item. Our young people also need to know about their own safety and how to support themselves and others.

Our members also represent our school at Council Meeting with other schools across the Nexus Trust.

Pupil Parliament Week this year is from the 14th - 18th November 2022

Please keep an eye out for our latest minutes from our meetings on here.