English At Coppice

At Coppice we have a bespoke English Curriculum designed to meet the needs of all our pupils, supporting their developmental steps in progress through our three main strands; Communication, Reading & Writing. Within these main strands are specific subsections which support development through our unique provision bands.


Our Explorers will be equipped with the skills to follow and remember routines to help them to live an independent as possible life. They will be able to recognise signs, sounds and symbols in their environment to help to keep them safe and be enabled to communicate in their own way, to familiar adults and peers so that they can express their needs, wants and feelings and that their ‘voice’ is heard.

Independent Learners

Our independent learners will develop their ability to recognise and read symbols, words and sentences and can demonstrate they have understood what they’ve seen. Our independent learners will become more adept at communicating to those around them to make requests, share thoughts and feelings and interpret the sounds they hear, begin to respond appropriately and show understanding of the different sounds within words. Their mark making will become refined, developing into purposeful writing which can be understood by others and be used as a medium to express themselves.

Employment Seekers

Our Employment Seekers will develop the skills to make their mark on the world, using their knowledge to make meaningful life choices. They can communicate appropriately both socially and more formally, using those skills to develop relationships and self-expression. Their writing becomes more sophisticated, through different genres and is used purposefully to support their chosen employment pathway. They are able to read a wider range of texts with fluency, show and share their understanding and develop a love of reading for pleasure.


Communication and the skills to communicate underpin everything we do at Coppice. Pupils are given the means (PECS, Intensive Interactions & Makaton), reasons (motivators) and are exposed to regular opportunities to communicate throughout the day.

The skills of Communication are transferred throughout the curriculum and embedded during themed sessions.

Reading & Phonics

Please follow the link to our Reading and Phonics Page, click here

Coppice Core Books

At Coppice we strive for all our pupils to experience a range of books, we ensure we have an ambitious range of books and ensure that these are converted into sensory stories to enable them to be accessible to all our pupils.  Our books are used to deliver our Happy Centered Schools themes across each Term in the year.  Please click on the link below to see our book list.

Coppice Core Book List


Every class delivers fine and gross motor session twice per week, this is integral to provide pupils with essential motor functions for writing, provide core stability and support fine motor control. During English sessions pupils will develop their phonological awareness, be exposed to regular and purposeful mark making/writing opportunities. Pupils develop their understanding of phonics through our adapted ELS phonics program.

The skills of Writing are transferred throughout the curriculum and embedded during themed sessions.

 To view our Progression in skills maps please click on the links below;