Governance Arrangements

Coppice School Academy Council


Nexus Multi-Academy Trust

As an academy, the Academy Council of Coppice School (formerly known as School Governors) has delegated powers from the ​Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors, which are outlined in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation.

The Chief Executive Officer and Officers of the Trust act as advisors to the Academy Council and attend most meetings

Please follow this link for more information on the layers of Governance for the Nexus trust.  Nexus Scheme of Delegation


Layers of Governance



Coppice School Local Governing Body was constituted on 1st December 2019 and the following structure of Governance is now in place:

The total membership shall be not less than 7 and not more than 12.

The membership shall comprise:


  • the Chair who is elected by the Trust Board of Directors;
  • the Headteacher;
  • no fewer than 2 elected Parent council members;
  • two elected Members of Staff, one Teaching, one Non-Teaching;
  • the remaining Council Members are appointed by the Academy Council. Members can be Parents or Members of Staff but the number of Staff members (inc Headteacher) must not exceed one-third of the total number of council members.

How are Academy Council Members chosen?

There are different categories of Members: Parent, Staff and Community Council Members.

Parent members are elected by current parents when a vacancy becomes available.

Staff council members, are representatives of the teaching or support staff and are elected by the eligible staff when a vacancy becomes available.  All members are appointed by the Academy Council.  ​They are selected to provide skills and experience which the council feel are required.

The Chair of the Academy Council is appointed by the Nexus Multi Academy Trust Board of Directors.

All members initially serve for a period of four years. At the end of the four years, they can stand for re-election or be re-appointed. Members are free to resign before the end of their four-year term if they so wish.

Members of Coppice School Academy Council
Paul Burns Chair of the Academy Council Paul Burns Interests & Attendance Data
Natalie Swearman Headteacher  
Kathryn Deacey Staff member Kathryn Deacey Interests & Attendance Data
Beverley Fox-Norris Staff member Bev Fox-Norris Interests & Attendance Data
Paula Fraser Parent member Paula Fraser Interests & Attendance Data
Zenab Khan Parent member Zenab Khan Interests & Attendance Data
Sarah Johnston Community member Sara Johnston Interests & Attendance Data


Council Members Interests are reviewed at every meeting.  All individual members information with regard to Interests & Attendance can be found within the Individual Governor Profiles.

Approved minutes of the Academy Council can be accessed at the bottom of this page




The Academy Council meets at least once a half term, with additional meetings being arranged as required.


Meet the Academy Council

Paul Burns
Chair of the council

Paul Burns

I am the Chair of the council, a role I find both rewarding and challenging. Before retirement, my careers included Primary Education (Teaching) and a Senior Manager in Doncaster Health Authority. I endeavour to bring my knowledge of both education and health issues to enhance my role as the Chair of the Council.

If you need to get in touch with me please email at 

Natalie Swearman
Head Teacher

Natalie Swearman

Natalie is the current Head Teacher here at Coppice school, she has a wealth of knowledge in support our SEND pupils.  She has a passion for developing all our environments through a biophillic theme which incorporates many natural features.  Natalie has had various roles throughout her 17 years at Coppice and is looking forward to the challenges Headship brings.

Kathryn Deacey
Staff member

Kathryn Deacey

I am known as Kathy among the many children I work with at Coppice School, joining in 1997 and progressing to become an HLTA. This is a very rewarding role, bringing new daily challenges and leading me to work in all areas of the school, including for a number of years at our charity shop. I use my varied experiences to represent at the Governors meetings as a Staff Governor in a positive and forward thinking way to make life and experiences for our students the best they can be.

Beverley Fox-Norris
Staff member

Beverley Fox-Norris

Hi my name is Beverley but everyone at Coppice knows me as Bev. I have been a Teacher here for about 6 years now and I am delighted to be a Staff Council Member. Before teaching at Coppice, I worked in mainstream education and had a brief experience of working for the education department at North Lincolnshire Museum.

I am passionate about outdoor learning and am the Forest School Practitioner here at Coppice. I am also part of the Outdoor Learning Team and we look especially at how learning and simply being outside can have beneficial impacts on our student’s health and mental well-being. As I love being creative, I was recently very excited to take a lead role in the delivery of art at Coppice and I have no doubts that great things will be happening as we all get our creative thinking hats on.

Perhaps most important of all my greatest achievement in life is being a mum of 4 amazing children. Though they will always be my babies, they are incredible young adults now, ready to fly or already having left the nest…but believe me I know what a rocky road parenting can be, especially when your child is faced with extra difficulties that you could not predict or expect.

The greatest thing about Coppice are the people who make the school; staff, students and families, and together we make a wonderful community where help, support and advice are always available and readily given and I am proud to be part of the drive and vision to give our students the best education and experiences that we can.

Paula Fraser
Parent member

Paula Fraser

Paula is the proud full time carer and parent of two children with additional needs, one of which is a pupil at Coppice School. Paula previously worked for ten years in HR for the NHS at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Paula is a Parent Council member and very keen to support Coppice School.

In her free time, Paula enjoys cooking, baking and road running.

Zenab Khan
Parent member

Zenab Khan

I am a Parent Council Member at Coppice School, where my two children attend. I believe being a parent gives me a unique insight into the challenges the children and school face.

I have a background in education as I have completed an English degree, attended a Post Graduate Certificate of Education as well as completing Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector and most recently a Makaton course. I believe this gives in-depth understanding and knowledge of the requirements of the teachers and the school.

My ambition is to ensure the children, parents and teachers receive the best possible experience and outcomes.


Sarah Johnston
Community member
Damon Stead
Community member
How can I contact the Academy Council?


The Chair can be contacted at

You can also contact Clerking Services about any aspect of Academy Councils at this address


Past Governors: 


Jenny Burnett Governor 9th December 2020
Dan Vokins Governor 25 September 2021
Natalie Swearman Head of School 1st September 2022


Academy Council Minutes and Agendas


Below are copies of the  agendas and minutes. Reports on the agendas for any of these meetings are available to the public for public inspection. If any member of the public would like to request a copy of any of the reports from a meeting agenda, please submit a request in writing, specifying which reports are being requested, to




06/12/2023 Minutes


08/12/2021 Minutes

09/02/2022 Minutes

23/03/2022 Minutes

25/05/2022 Minutes

13/07/2022 Minutes


13/10/2021 Minutes

26/05/2021 Minutes

14/10/2020 Minutes

09/12/2020 Minutes

10/02/2021 Minutes

24/03/2021 Minutes



16/10/2019 Minutes

04/12/2019 Minutes




Further useful governance information can be found on the Nexus Trust website. Please click here to locate documents such as the Governance Handbook, Glossary of Terms and the Scheme of Delegation.

For more information about Nexus MAT Governance please click here.