Welcome to J1 Class

Our staff team:

Who we are from left to right Bethany, Amanda, Deb, Emma

In J1 Class we love to….
  • Read and write

  • Number skills

  • Learn independent living skills

  • Art, we love working on paintings inspired by Paul Klee.

  • Enterprise activities

  • Cooking

  • meet different animals, our favourites so far have been a snake and a lizard.

J1 class is unique and special because every minute of every day, we try our best to learn new skills and we never stop working towards our goals. From visiting places in the community to our learning around school our resilience always shines through.

The books we are reading this term 
Our shared school vision

To support all children and young people to hold their rightful place in society, equipped with the knowledge to shape their own futures, skills to lead an enriched and healthy life and voices to make a positive contribution in the world.