Welcome to Maple Class

 Our staff team:


Who we are from left to right; Ester, Sharon, Kayla, Ellouise

In Maple Class we love to:
  • Explore new objects linked to our project

  • Be outdoors and explore new environments

  • Use the trim trail, the swing, the therapy ball, the hammock and the trampoline to support our sensory needs

  • Explore in the sand, water and lots of other messy materials

  • Build new things using Lego bricks or recyclable materials

  • Use our Promethean (Touch screen) board, iPod and iPad to take photographs and mark make on

Our books this term;

In Maple Class, we strive towards our shared vision by:
  • Encouraging children to interact and communicate in a positive way.

  • Showing kindness and respect to each other.

  • Enjoying learning through providing a child-centred approach.

  • Supporting the children to engage with and enjoy a creative, fun and enriched learning experience.

  • Providing lifelong learning skills that will shape their future and encourage independence.