Assessment & Performance


Reception Baseline

The RBA is an age-appropriate assessment of early mathematics and literacy, communication and language. It is delivered in English and is administered within the first six weeks of a pupil starting reception.  As our pupils enter Coppice with EHCP's, pre verbal and are often working below their age related expectations, we create our own baselines based on discussions with previous settings, information from the EHCP's and observational assessments of the pupils.

Phonics Screening Check

The Phonics Screening check is an assessment for all pupils in year 1, or year 2 if they missed the year 1 check or their scores were not enough to pass the threshold.  We deliver daily phonics sessions in all our classes across all year groups, those year 1 and 2 pupils who are working at Year 1 phonics level/Phase 5 are entered into the Phonics Screening check. 

End of Key Stage Information

As our pupils work below age related expectations, we do not produce end of Key Stage data as a mainstream school would do.  Our pupils do make progress and we report this to parents through annual reviews, parents evenings, daily conversations and end of school reports.  To find out more about how we assess our pupils progress please click here.



Schools are expected to publish their end of key stage and exam results information.

At Coppice we have high expectations of all our pupils and we are very proud of the progress they make.  By using a bespoke curriculum built on developmental milestones, we support all our pupils to gain the skills needed to live an independent as possible life.

Pupils are grouped according to the pathway with learning personalised to need, these begin from their first moments in Coppice through to our post 16 provision.


Progress is measured from their own starting points and the outcomes on each pupil's EHCP.

For our published Performance tables please Click Here


Key Stage 5 - Post 16

English/Maths Progress

All Post 16 young people work towards 'Everyday English and Maths' - this is accredited using AQA Unit Awards and progress is tracked through a robust Post 16 Curriculum Tracker.

Those working at Entry Level sit Functional Skills examinations - 2022 results as follows...

Level  Number of Students Sat Number of Students Passed  %
Entry Level 1  4  100%
Entry Level 2  2  100%
Entry Level 3  2   1 50%


Level  Number of Students Sat  Number of Students Passed  %
Entry Level 1  5  5  100%
Entry Level 2  3  3  100%



100% of Post 16 students completed their programme of study in 21/22
One young person moved to Independent Specialist Provision with Residenial Support


Year  Leavers  FE Independent Specialist Provision Mixed Independent Specialist and Social Care Package Community Learning
19/20  3   0   2 0 1
20/21   10 2
21/22   4 1  1
22/23 Projected     3 2 1 0



Young people on Further Education and Employment Pathway follow Princes Trust Programme. All young people achieved relevant Princes Trust units including Award and Certificates

Young people who are following Community Learning and Independence Pathway follow AQA Unit programme, achieving a range of AQA Units in Preparing for Adulthood sessions - Employability, Good Health and Wellbeing, Independent Living and Friends Relationships and Community.

All young people work towards robust, meaningful outcomes as agreed during Annual Review of their Education Health and Care Plan.

Work experience programme available for all young people across Post 16, personalised Internal and External placements are developed that meet individual needs and outcomes for life after Coppice.