Welcome to J4 Class

Our staff team:

Who we are from left to right Anna, Linda, Jess and Andrea

In J4 Class we love to...


Improve our communication with staff and with each other. We have already made progress at making and vocalising choices (most of us) what we want to work for and what we want for dinner.

· Be as independent as possible, we practice problem solving every day! This includes making choices what equipment and materials we need for a task and how to find them, sharing them out and then putting everything away. We focus on improving hand washing skills and washing our cups and plates. We also take turns to be a Teacher’s Helper and help our staff by bringing water, complete a daily calendar and other duties in class.

· Try to develop further our social skills by engaging in projects, pair tasks and working in small groups. We began to play board games and continue to learn how to take turns, follow rules of a game and be happy for one of us to win.

· Brush our teeth after lunch and began to practice the road safety when getting ourselves out into the local community.

· Use educational games online to support our learning. We follow step by step instructions to find named websites and complete the activities linked to Maths and English.

The books we are reading this term are...

Going on the lion hunt

Ronald the Rhino

Bug’s Big Trip

In J4, we strive towards our shared vision by...

improving independence (hand washing, teeth brushing, using kitchen equipment, sweeping and mopping the floor and doing the dishes),

· using our own ideas to re-create art projects and having courage to adapt or develop a model.

· observing and recreating cause and effect connections,

· developing social skills while taking part in paired or small group tasks,

· improving problem solving by having a go at making choices how to replace or join materials.