Welcome to J4 Class

Our staff team:

Who we are from left to right Jaime, Mel, Hailey and Emma

In J4 Class we love using sensory and tactile resources; which looks a lot like mess sometimes, but we are engaged and learning as we explore. We love Shabang music therapy, and, one to one intensive interaction therapy. We like our routines and use our supporting adults when we need help with learning, communication or just some interaction.

Our topic this term is; Animal Antics

Our curriculum focus has been Science, Art and Geography. In J4 we have used a range of tactile art items to create wonderful animal based art work, we have explored mixing colours to make new ones, the structure of building facial features and small world play. We have also started to look at environmental signs and made links to things we may see in our communities; this will hopefully extend next term into more community based visits. We have looked at habitats, at pets and at our school farm animals, making good friends with our school guinea pig and even a visit in school from a snake and bearded dragon. J4 pupils have shown great care and attention when handling the animals and this was lovely to see.

Of course, we have continued to develop our Maths, English and phonics skills daily, working on counting, groupings and time, writing, reading and phonetic sounds.
In our class we love to read (or share stories about) ‘Walking through the Jungle’ this gave us lots of ideas and links to the animals we were exploring in our small world play and also inspired a lot of our artwork. We spent some time with ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which we loved, we used sensory items to link to each aspect and this was most interesting and engaging for all. ‘Commotion in the ocean’ was our final book, we made an under water reading area which was very relaxing to sit and read in together.

J4 class in unique and special because we have come together so well as a new class group, accepting new staff, routines, friends and expectations.