Forest Schools

Forest Schools

Forest School at Coppice is an integral part of our outdoor learning provision and is an opportunity offered to all our students on a weekly basis.

The Forest School approach to learning in the outdoors is rooted in the key progressive education theorists of the past one hundred and fifty years -from Froebel to Steiner, Vygotsky to Montessori, Dewwy to Gardner – all of them put the child at the centre of their own learning.

At Coppice we value the importance of our children and students being allowed to explore the world for themselves, at their pace and at their level of learning and development, with the appropriate level of adult support. Forest School encourages children to explore their own innate learning in the richest classroom we have, the great outdoors, and it isn’t called great for nothing.

Our Forest School ethos provides our students with:

  • The opportunity to take appropriate risk
  • The opportunity to be more active
  • Core independence in their own learning
  • The ability to learn through play
  • Real life experiences
  • Thinking outside the norm
  • Biophilia
  • Opportunities to develop in social skills, communication, sensory development, resilience, teamwork
  • FUN!